Man oh Man I love these guys

Did I mention I am so grateful to be the mother of these precious children? I have made a goal this year to live more in the moment and the biggest reason is to enjoy life with these guys. I have been reading a few inspiring blogs lately that make me want to be a better mother, wife, friend, neighbor etc, etc. Although I cannot conquer Rome in a day, I will spend a few more minutes snuggling, kissing and squeezing their little hearts out! Along with just relishing in the fact that Tanner loves Football and loves is a gigantic understatement. He is 7 and he breaths and lives for football. I am so thrilled about this too, because I am the football junkie around here. I love that Tanner asks me questions about the sport and certain NFL football players like I know all. I love that he truly believes he will be out there on Lavell Edwards stadium turf one day and I cannot wait to be in the stands cheering my guts out! I love that Mylee is so independent and loves to march to her own beat, but still quietly sneaks into my bed early in the morning just so she can snuggle with Matt and I and feel protected and watched over after a bad dream. I love that Brynlee screams at the top of her lungs and goes hoarse. I am loving her open mouth kisses and slobbers so much that she gets sick of me saying "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss." I just got these pictures back from my dear friend Whit, once again she did an amazing job. I love freezing time with pictures and I hope that when I look back at these in 20 years I will remember the things that they were going through at that time in their lives. Man oh Man I love them!


Blog Slacker

I know that I am not getting an award for the most organized person any day soon, but I do want to start blogging at least once or twice a month to keep a running track of what went on during the year of 2010.

January started off great as we celebrated the New Year with Matt's family in Bear Lake and had a great time snowmobiling, sledding and skiing....well everyone but me that is (I actually had a great time until I kept hitting my head and by the end of the day I was so frustrated with the BIGGEST headache that it almost ruined my beaver mountain experience.) Matt and I came to the realization that we don't have to enjoy everything our spouse does. :)
We celebrated Matt's birthday, went to Tanner's "it's great to be 8" program, many JR Utah flash basketball games for Tanner,got to see the awesome fish and critters at the aquarium with Whitney and her cute kids, and attempted my first Zumba class. Mylee has really taken to learning her letters and numbers. She loves to dress up and comes up with some great combintions like wearing Matt's suit coat with feathers and Megans old dance costumes on top of each other with high high heels. Gotta love that girl. Brynlee had her first taste of rice cereal and veggies. She detests green beans! She will tighten her lips and her whole body quivers with disgust, it's quit comical actually. She rolled over for the first time in January and we are still waiting for her to sit up on her own, but she still continues to melt us with that dimpled smile of hers.
We went with my side of the family to Scofield Res to do a little ice fishing for my niece Kayzlie's birthday party. Matt was brilliant and brought a tent for shelter from the wind. Mylee stuck her legs and hands in the hole within the first 5 minutes we were there and Tanner loved being pulled on the sled behind the snowmobile.

I think that sums up January pretty well and I will attempt February in a couple of weeks.




We actually got a family photo this year and currently everyone is in it!! Wow Mom, look at that posterity!! Sure love all of you!!


Here we are at the premiere of New Moon. Lots of fun! We were laughing so hard before we even left the house!! sure love these ladies. My friends sure put on a great party with lots of fun gifts!! My Aunt Debby and cousin Bailey won the Bella birthday cake!! It was so huge, but it looked amazing! Thanks for such a fun night and for keeping me awake until 3:30 in the morning!!

Happy 9 Years!!

Matt hate's when I put mushy things on here about him, but I just can't help it this time. I love you with all my heart. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect companion to share this fun journey with!! We went to Vegas earlier for a celebration and went to see Cher, thanks to Jaymz!! Loved every minute of it. This is us in our hotel room at the Paris. Lots of fun. On our actual anniversary, Matt surprised me with a room at Inn on the Creek in Midway where we spent our first Honeymoon night. Aww, ain't he romantic? Now he's going to kill me! :)


A whole week of fun activities accompanied Halloween this year, then we all caught the swine flu that knocked us off our feet for a full week. Not fun!! Loved their cute little costumes this year.

Brynlee's Blessing

Brynlee looked so beautiful on her blessing day. Matt gave her such a wonderful blessing. We had so many people enjoy this day with us. I was so mad that I lost my camera right after I took this picture, so this is the only one I have that is digital.